1 Day to Go – Down to the Wire!

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We are down to the wire! We had a banner week! 40 Hours to go!

We need to raise $1,000 per hour. Please send out the word with this link: http://igg.me/at/barneyfrankfilm

Why did we make this film? Because films make a difference. Because people need to know what public stewardship in a republic truly entails. Because Barney Frank is a glorious, cranky, flawed, majestic exemplar of a true public servant.  As one donor said yesterday,

·  I saw the value in Barney and I know the impact movies can have–so I gave.

And as one critic said of the film:

·  I discovered a new Barney Frank here. He is not only an activist but also a man of optimism. He has helped lead this country in civil rights and managed to continue to fight for what he felt to be right at a time when the political system cannot get things together.

Remember—this is not an all-or-nothing campaign—EVERY DOLLAR we raise will be used to complete the film.

Let’s ring that $1,000 bell together every hour.

Thank you.

Sheila & Mike