An Additional 30 Days!

Dear Barney Frank Film Friends:

Thank you so much for backing our project! We are very grateful for your contribution.

Barney has begun sharing our Facebook posts and tweeting for us—helping us bring this important film to the world. We’re at 20% of our goal and we now have an additional 30 days to reach it!

In the meantime, if you have a moment to share with your Barney-loving friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or old-fashioned address book or calls, it would really help. Here’s a handy bit of sample text:


I gave to this worthy project: COMPARED TO WHAT? THE IMPROBABLE JOURNEY OF BARNEY FRANK. You should too! If you miss Barney Frank’s wit and wisdom, here’s a way to bring him back to the American people:

VERSION 2 (short & sweet for Twitter): 

Join me in bringing back Barney Frank’s wit and wisdom to the American people. @BarneyFrankFilm

Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated! Here’ a little outtake treat to thank you in advance:

Again, our sincere thanks for your support and for caring about this project and Barney Frank.

All the Best,

Sheila and Mike