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 Great film by great filmmakers! I saw this at a festival in San Francisco and the audience was loving it and cheering!— from an Indiegogo Contributor

We have an amazing film here–one that people are hungry for–BUT NO ONE WILL SEE IT unless you help. If we don’t reach our goal, we can’t play in theaters, on TV, or even on DVD. That’s what this campaign is for.

You’ve been generous with your support. NOW we’re asking you to invite your friends and family to lend their voices to our campaign. Been putting off that Facebook post or email shout-out to your nearest and dearest about Compared to What? What are you waiting for? NOW is the time. 

If each one of us got 2 people to donate $50 each, we’d raise $5000 dollars! And then those people could do the same!

COMFORTABLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA?  Put out the word on Facebook and Twitter

STRICTLY OLD SCHOOL? Send a friend an email or call someone you know.


ASK them to help bring Barney’s story to life.

Please. We can’t do it without YOU.

Thank you.

Sheila & Mike & the COMPARED TO WHAT? Team